Thesis Portfolio Overview

We are creating a unique blend of Crowd Wisdom, Artificial Intelligence and in house experts to find the Wisdom IN Crowds™, giving you access to a fully diversified portfolio.  That's why we call it 'People Powered Investment'.

Our launch portfolio gives investors exposure to a number of considered investment theses - such as the increasing importance of electric vehicles, renewable energy, efficient food supply, emerging markets, solutions to global warming, the move towards virtual working, eGaming and more.

Because none of us are as smart as all of us.

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The Composition

No Chain No Gain

Cryptocurrencies, which sit at the heart of blockchain technology, have taken the world...

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Capitalizing on short term market opportunities as a result of unexpected events...

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Picks & Shovels


Rather than gambling on striking gold, we will invest in those who sell shovels to the prospectors instead...

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Inspired by Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger. Focus on companies with economic moats, first class management, and attractive growth prospects...

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Rembrandts in the Attic


Uncovering sizeable hidden assets...

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Life Support


Riding the wave of EVs, renewable energy, and efficient food supply...

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Top of the Class


Focus on building small, longer term positions in high conviction companies...

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Climate Control


Investing in solutions to global warming...

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Ready Player One


Investing in the move towards the virtual world of work, life, and play...

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Rise & Shine


Focus on Emerging Market Equities that benefit from stronger local currencies, rising living standards, and higher growth...

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Value for Money


Focus on safety and value...

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Scrooge McBuck


Benefiting from the devaluation of money via gold & silver...

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Old School Energy


Capitalizing on disruption, undervaluation, and rising prices in the traditional energy markets...

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Dry Powder


Holding cash for opportunistic deployment...

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Mary Jane


Playing deregulation in the high growth cannabis & hemp market...

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Capital is at risk.

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