Life support

Riding the wave of batteries, EVs, and renewable energy...

Notwithstanding the increasing fascination with all things digital and virtual, the human condition is a physical one, and we need base metals to build our cars, battery, and specialty metals to support new industries like electric vehicles and renewable energy, grains to feed ourselves, soft commodities to make our clothing, and bricks and mortar to build our homes.

As a result of a sharp rise in stocks, bonds, and other financial assets, commodities are more undervalued relatively than at any other time in a century. There have been three other major low points like this over the past 100 years and in every case, they were followed by delightful bull markets that went on for some years.

We believe now is the time to invest here, and the money printing of late, with the consequent possibility of inflation, may make for a double whammy.

We plan to invest not only in copper and silver, the beneficiaries of everything electronic, but in the beneficiaries of the anticipated growth in batteries, EVs, and renewable energy.

It can take a decade to find and permit a new mine, and current forecasts are that existing supplies may be insufficient to meet our planned needs.

We believe the companies that produce basic stuff will do well.

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