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The NASDAQ is a U.S based stock exchange that is based in New York City. It is ranked second on the list of stock exchanges by market capitalization of shares traded, behind the New York Stock Exchange. It lists over 3000 companies.

However, the vast majority of them operate within the tech space. This means it is seen as more of a marketplace for volatility and better growth potential than the New York Stock Exchange, which is seen to list more established and stable shares. Companies like Apple, Tesla, and Facebook are all listed on the NASDAQ .


When investing, your capital is at risk. Past Performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

What is the NASDAQ?

The NASDAQ came into existence in 1971, which is no time at all compared to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which was established in 1792. While the NASDAQ is known as a tech-heavy exchange, the NYSE is known for housing older brick-and-mortar companies. Companies trading on the NYSE are often larger, bottom-line-focused companies that pay dividends and grow their top lines slowly but steadily. Companies trading on the NASDAQ are usually more growth-oriented. Of course, there are exceptions on both sides. LinkedIn (LNKD) for example, chose to list on the NYSE because it didn’t want to be grouped with social networking sites.

Information technology, biotech, and other small-cap tech companies have no interest in the prestige that comes with the NYSE. Instead, opting for the NASDAQ's cheaper listing options as their goal is to keep costs low so they can maintain more capital in order to help fuel growth. In most cases, the difference in fees between listing on the NYSE and NASDAQ won’t make or break a business, but if a smaller company lists on the NASDAQ, it's still a cost-efficient decision.

The NASDAQ does come with another advantage that some people overlook. It has an electronic billboard in Times Square, which lists its companies and their products. This is one of the reasons Kraft Foods Group, Inc. (KRFT) switched to the NASDAQ in 2012 (increased exposure for its products)


Since the Nasdaq is heavily weighted towards tech stocks, news stories that are particularly related to the tech industry will be felt more keenly here. Stories about adoption of new tech, scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements will have a positive impact, whereas government regulations or the misuse of technology, will have a negative impact on the NASDAQ than it might on the NYSE.

Because of the more volatile nature of start-ups and tech companies in general, larger swings can be seen in tech stocks than in more traditional companies (just look at Meta’s 26% drop in a day when investors weren’t happy with the latest quarterly figures). Even global events are more likely to be felt, even if they do not directly affect tech companies.

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