Better Together.

How does it work?

It’s all pretty straightforward!

Just make a prediction on how the market price of assets such as gold or bitcoin will move over the next few days.

The more accurate your prediction, the more Wisdom Points (WP’s) you earn and don’t worry, you don’t have to guess the exact price every time - every prediction earns you points!

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The key to success is consistency, so try to predict every day across multiple asset classes.

We reward accurate predictions with additional points.

Claim your Rewards

Your earned Wisdom Points are exchanged for rewards at the end of every quarter.

But what’s in it for me?

Great question!

At the end of each quarter (every 3 months) - you will be rewarded with REAL world money, assuming you’ve collected enough WP’s to qualify.

Just make sure to predict frequently, since doing so will significantly increase your chances of earning.

Step 1

Login, go to the Predictions tab,
choose the item you want to make
a prediction on and submit.

Step 2

Choose the % of Crowd Points(CP’s)
you’d like to stake.

CP’s are points earned by logging in
daily and by inviting friends to the
platfrom with your unique link.

Higher stakes means that you’re
really confident about the prediction,
and lower stakes means not so confident.

Step 3

Think you know how other

Then make a guess what the crowd’s
average prediction is - and if you’re
close enough you’ll get some extra

Join a growing community of 55,000 Pynksters

“Wawaweewa Pynk is better than ****** !”

John Johnson

“Wawaweewa Pynk is better than ****** !”

John Johnson

“Wawaweewa Pynk is better than ****** !”

John Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I predict?

Predicting is easy. Simply go to the web or desktop app and enter one guess per 24 hour period on each of our assets.

If you're a novice to predictions, you will find plenty of videos of technical analysis on the web or you could just try using your gut to start and, as you get more confident, you may well find your predictions get better over time.

How often can I predict?

You can predict on each asset every day and we would encourage you to do so. When predicting bitcoin you are predicting the price of Bitcoin at 6 pm (London, UK Time) the following day. For Gold and NASDAQ, you are predicting for 6 pm in 1 weeks time. You don't need to predict every day but we'd love it if you would.

Predicting regularly is a good way to earn more Wisdom Points, as well as help our AI gauge your predictive abilities and create better trading signals as a result.

What are Wisdom Points? (WP's)

Wisdom Points (WP's) are the rewards that users of the Pynk App can earn by making price predictions, contributing with forecasts, as well as creating and managing a simulated portfolio in the Fantasy Fund Manager.

More accurate predictions, and a more consistent interaction with the app brings higher rewards that you can exchange for real value at the end of each quarter.

How much are my WP's worth?

The value of a Wisdom Point is not fixed and the amount a user can earn is not capped.

The value of a Wisdom Point is determined by the number of qualifying users, as well as the amount of WP's that qualifying users accumulate by the end of each quarter.

Can I withdraw Wisdom Points?

Yes, you can. At the end of each quarter, eligible Pynksters can exchange their WP's for cash or for a stake in our partner's Investor Wallet.

Only Pynksters who have accumulated enough Wisdom Points (WP's) in any given quarter will be eligible to convert. The minimum amount of WP's will vary each quarter.

Any Pynkster who has not accumulated enough WP's will have their WP's carried over into the next quarter.

I earned a cash reward, what now?

Please add your USDC wallet address in your Profile on the app to receive your reward.

Allow 7 working days to receive your USDC.

Has your USDC reward not arrived after 7 days?

Contact us at

How many people can I refer?

Although there is currently no limit on the amount of people that you can refer, we would ask that you only refer those that you believe are willing to participate in Pynk on a regular, long term basis.

Try inviting your close friends, family members and colleagues. It will make it more fun being able to discuss your progress within the Pynk ecosystem!

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Please invest aware.