HOW TO...Convert WPS to Litecoin?

So you've done all the hard work making predictions, building your fantasy fund and referring your friends? Ready to reap the rewards?

Find out how to convert all those hard earned wisdom points into the Litecoin Cryptocurrency with our new video!

Make a Prediction
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Discover how to make the most of your Pynk app.

Learn the fundamentals of Pynk and feel confident in using the product to its full potential. We have a series of easy to follow vidoes to help you download and install your app, or get you started with our Fantasy Fund Manager tool and much more.

Start your FFM

Find out how to start adding stocks like Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Apple to your Fantasy Fund Manager tool. Or why not reserch some lesser known stocks? The decision is yours!

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What is Pynk?

Find out a little bit about what Pynk is, what we do and, most importantly, why we are on a mission to help people build more sustainable investing habits.

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Download our PWA

Ever heard of a Progressive Web App (PWA)? Find out how to download our PWA, just like you would a native app and get instant access to make easy, daily predictions with Pynk, direct from your home screen!

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