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What is Pynk?

Is Pynk a Wealth Management App?

Pynk is many things to many people, but first and foremost we are a place where everyday people the world over can work together to make better investment products delivered by out partners. If you're new to Pynk, then read our Pynkipedia in the app to find out more.


Does Pynk invest in ESG (environmental, social and governance) impact projects?

ESG investing is a core pillar of the Pynk mission, so we can make investing better together. We are committed to funnelling as much of our managed assets into ESG projects as possible, through the power of Crowd Wisdom. We have many ESG-focused additions coming to the platform, giving you transparency as well as feedback on the ESG performance of all kinds of investments. As a Crowd member, you'll be able to influence the ESG policy of Pynk. And in later releases, you'll be able to shape your portfolio according to your ESG preferences.

Can I control which assets classes my money goes into?

In our future product pipeline is the ability to remove certain asset classes from your investment portfolio, or invest more heavily into those you like. That means you will have transparency and control over where your money is invested.

How else I can save the world with Pynk?

At the end of each Wisdom Point exchange cycle, you can either exchange your earned WP's for monetary value in the managed investment portfolio - or you can donate that value to planting trees (coming soon with more good causes to follow, shaped by the Crowd).

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