News section

Where can I find out some more data about the assets in the Prediction Tool and Fantasy Fund Manager?

You will find pertinent news relating to your preferred asset classes in your news section. Should you wish to carry out a little further research you can do so online at various different places - try searching for the asset you'd like to find out more about using the 'ticker' (e.g. IXIC for Nasdaq) and whatever piece of information you'd like to know about that asset - for example 'IXIC share price'

How do I add assets to my news section?

Simple. Click 'Manage your watchlist' and add the assets you want to receive news on. If you want to add another asset - go to the cogwheel icon at the top of your news-feed and select any additional assets you'd like to keep a close eye on!


Where can I find help navigating the community?

With many new topics being added every day and lots of passionate Pynksters chatting, commenting and discussing the topics of the day, Navigating the community can be a confusing place. Try starting from the home page and exploring each topic one at a time before returning to the home page and sampling another. After some time spent digesting the threads, you will find it is quite simple to navigate. There is also a simple search bar at the top of the page and so you can search for related topics by keyword.

How can I join the Pynk community?

Join our amazing community and help us to build the only investment fund built by everyday people for everyday investors here.

Where are the members of the Pynk community based?

At the time of writing, we have members from across the globe, 180 countries to be precise and rising every week. We love that we are a truly global community of like-minded people and so we ask that our community members are sensitive to that when joining. Please refrain from any language that could be considered racist, anti-semitic, homophobic or offensive to any group, subsect, race or sexuality in our community. The Pynk community is a place where everyone is welcome and we have a zero-tolerance approach to this behaviour. Our admins reserve the right to ban, restrict or mute your profile without warning for breaches of this kind.

Someone was offensive or abusive to me on your community page, who do I contact?

We're sorry to hear you have been having this issue. Pynk community is a place for open debate which can often tackle difficult topics, so it's important to be aware of this and respect it. However, we are also a safe place for everyone and threatening or abusive behaviour is strictly treated with zero tolerance. Please contact us at and make sure to provide as much information as possible - include time frames, dates, usernames and, if at all possible, a link to the thread of comment made. We will get back to you once we have investigated.

Social Media

Is Pynk on social media?

Certainly - you can join us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin we look forward to connecting with you!

Somebody claiming to be from Team Pynk approached me on social media

Team Pynk admins will never ask you to reveal your personal or financial information over social media. The only place you should disclose any personal information is through our email address and only when specifically asked to do so by a verified team Pynk member. If you have been approached by anyone you are unsure about, claiming to be from Team Pynk, we suggest that you contact us and never send any personal or financial information about yourself, your account or anyone else. Also, pay close attention to URLs. We only use and its subdomains (such as on websites and emails. Never send money to anybody purporting to be Pynk and beware of phishing attempts by the unscrupulous.

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