Price Prediction Tool


Why can I not predict?

You can only predict during market open hours. Some assets, such as cryptocurrencies, will trade 24/7, but other assets trading hours depend on the venues where they are listed/traded.

For example, on Saturday and Sunday, only Bitcoin will be available for predictions.

How often can I predict?

You can predict on each asset, every day and we would encourage you to do so. When predicting Bitcoin, you are predicting the price of Bitcoin at 6 pm (London, UK Time) the following day. For all other assets, you are predicting for 6 pm in 1 weeks time. You don't need to predict every day but we'd love it if you would!  🀩  Predicting regularly is a good way for you to earn lots of lovely Wisdom Points and allows our proprietary Wisdom IN Crowds system to build a much better profile of you as a predictor over time. There is also a minimum amount of predictions required each quarter to qualify for the WP exchange, this will vary each quarter. For more information on Wisdom Point Exchanges, please see the earnings and rewards section.

When should I Predict?

Predictions currently close at 6 pm each day - London, UK time. You can predict at any time in the 24 hours preceding that, once for each available asset class.

What is Staking?

Staking uses a percentage of your crowd points to indicate your confidence when you are predicting on each asset. This helps us to build a better picture of you as a predictor.

Staking also represents your contribution to Pynk's WP Pool and helps define the WP balance to be distributed amongst Pynksters who predicted that day, on each asset.

Why do some people have much more staked points than I do?

Because Crowd Points (CP's) are earned in various ways. Hard-working Pynksters can earn large amounts of CP's by referring friends, completing social tasks, or making forecasts and may, therefore, have considerably more to stake.

This is one of the reasons we reset CP's at the end of each month, to give everyone a fair chance each period.

How do I predict?

Predicting is easy. Simply go to the web or desktop app and enter one guess per 24 hour period on each of our assets. If you're a novice to predictions, you will find plenty of videos of technical analysis on the web or you could just try using your gut to start and, as you get more confident, you may well find your predictions get better over time. For more detail on how to make a prediction {watch our short video} Β


What is a forecast?

A forecast is an additional question or topic we might ask you to comment or predict on that allows us to gather and build data on various topical subjects or upcoming events. A good example of this is when we asked our Crowd to predict the outcome of the 2020 US election candidates.

Forecasting, as with predicting, is not intended to be a statement of fact, but an opinion regarding where the price of an asset could be heading.

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