Fantasy Fund Manager

Learning through doing

What is the Fantasy Fund Manager?

Think of it as a cross between Championship Manager and being George Soros for the day. You get to pick pretty much any asset combination you like the look of, and from any asset class. Stocks, commodities, FX, Crypto - you're the boss! We start you off with a (fictional) $10,000 and you trade or hold up to 20 different assets to compete against other Pynksters for the top spot! Over time you will learn how to manage a diversified investment portfolio. Have fun and try to beat your friends and global Pynksters to be the best!

How do I know which stocks to pick?

Well, that's entirely up to you! Since there are no real assets at risk - you can practice your fund management skills without any risk and, over time, with a little reading, study and luck you will get better!

Understanding assets

Which asset classes are available?

There is a range of assets available so you can build your fund the way you want. Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and Forex (Foreign Exchange, sometimes referred to as FX).

What is a commodity?

Commodities are natural resources that come from the earth. Some examples of these goods are wheat, cattle, soybeans, coal, cotton, oil and also our native prediction asset - gold.

What is a stock?

A stock is a security which represents fractional ownership of a corporation. These are traded across the worlds' many stock markets.

What is a digital asset?

A digital asset designed to work as a method of payment or exchange. Generally, these digital currencies are stored on a digital ledger or database and copies of this database are held by many thousands of different sources, making the ledger unalterable and immutable. In short, it is 'digital money'.

How to use

When does the Fantasy Fund Manager competition end?

Competitions are run on a quarterly process with big cash prizes 💸 and extra WP's on offer at the end of every quarter. The competition will be fierce so we recommend you keep an eye on your fund!

Can I withdraw my funds from Fantasy Fund Manager?

No, these are not real traded assets and the 'money' you invest is for entertainment purposes only - and to give you a feel of how it would be to manage a fund for real!

Why can't I add any more assets to my Fantasy Fund Manager?

It is likely that you have added your maximum number of assets already. You can currently add a maximum of 20 different assets at any one time.

My favourite stock/asset is missing from the Fantasy Fund Manager!

You can request the asset you are looking for by going to the fund manager section, clicking on add asset and then following the link at the bottom of the screen - 'can't find your asset?' We don't guarantee to add every stock or asset that's requested but we do plan to build the number of assets up over time to give you plenty to choose from.

Do I have to play Fantasy Fund Manager to participate in Pynk?

No, although we would encourage you to try it for a while as we think it is great fun and a fantastic way to learn (better than reading boring investment books right!?). If you are struggling to understand the Fantasy Fund Manager (FFM) you can find more information on the help page or by talking to members of our community. What you do in FFM influences the investments made by the Pynk Investment Committee, so you're helping everyone in the ecosystem as well as learning and having fun.

How do I use Fantasy Fund Manager?

Once you have set up your account you are free to start straight away! You'll be allocated a fantasy fund manager of $10,000 too! Start picking your favourite stocks, commodities, currencies or cryptocurrency and add them to your portfolio. Try to do your research first and diversify your portfolio as much as possible. We'd suggest a good mix of each category. If your stocks rise in value you can sell them off or hold them as you like to build your portfolio value. Each quarter we are offering amazing prizes for the most successful fund managers!

What are the key metrics used for assessing the winners?

Leaderboard positions for the Fantasy Fund Manager quarterly performances are based on a combination of % Growth, Drawdown, Volatility and Sharpe Ratio.

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