Activation & Deletion

I want to delete my account?

We're sorry to see you go. Please send us an email to using the email you used to sign up to Pynk with. We will then action your request. Once your account is deleted we cannot recover your data.

Security of data is of paramount importance to us and under UK law we are required to handle your data under strict GDPR regulations.

Data Protection

Is my data safe with Pynk?

We are GDPR compliant (UK data protection regulations). We always treat your data with the utmost care and do not sell or disclose your data outside of our organization without your express consent.

Help on KYC

Which forms of identification can I use for KYC?

This will vary depending on which country you are from. You can use a passport from any country or selected national identity cards. Some other forms of identification, such as driving licences, may be accepted depending on the country of issue.

I do not have any of the forms of ID required, can I still complete KYC?

Without one of the accepted forms of ID, you cannot complete KYC at this time.

Do I need to complete KYC with Pynk?

Yes, if you wish to redeem your earned Wisdom Points (WPs) for monetary value, you need to complete KYC. We will never sell your personal data to other companies, so you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

If I do not complete KYC what will happen to my earned Wisdom Points (WP's)?

If you are struggling to complete KYC please contact us at If you do not complete the KYC process we will hold your earned WP's for 6 months, after this period your WP's will be deleted.

Why hasn't my KYC processed?

Although it generally takes no more than a couple of days, some types of Identification or nationalities may take longer to go through the vetting process. Pynk is using one of the most respected names in KYC and they will handle your data with the strictest confidence and care. So please be patient. If you feel you have been waiting for an unusually long time or you are having issues processing your KYC then please do get in touch:

How do I complete the KYC process?

Once you have successfully earned enough Wisdom Points to become eligible for the Wisdom Points exchange at the end of a quarter we will invite you to proceed with KYC. There is no need to complete KYC until this time.

I earned a lot of Wisdom Points and now I cannot complete KYC, what can I do?

Assuming you cannot obtain any of the required documents, and no resolution was found by reaching out to us at ,that means you will not be able to redeem your WPs for monetary value. KYC is a legal requirement and an unavoidable part of our due diligence in protecting our customers.


I want to make a complaint

We're sorry to hear that something is not right. Let us help at

I am having trouble using the app, what can I do?

If you are having issues using the app, we encourage you to ask our community or get in touch at If you think you found a bug, you can report this directly into the app.

How do I download the App via play store or Apple store?

Pynk runs on a PWA rather than a native app, it is easier to download than native apps and you can also use it on your computer desktop (bonus!). Please check this tutorial to add Pynk App to your devices easily.

I made a complaint to Pynk and I am still not happy, what can I do?

Contact us directly via Please clearly state the ongoing issue you are having, timelines in which these incident(s) happened and be sure to leave us correspondence details and one of the team will come back to you as soon as possible.

How I can download the PWA App?

Here at Pynk, we have a global user base and some of our users are yet to have access to 3G, let alone 4G networks. That’s why we chose PWA over a native app on iOS and Android and makes for an excellent solution for our BETA product. Please check this tutorial to add the Pynk App icon to your device homepage so it functions like a native app. Please check this tutorial to add Pynk App to your devices easily.

About Us

What is 'Wisdom IN Crowds (TM)'?

Wisdom IN Crowds is the proprietary data analysis technique we use to aggregate imperfect data from a group of people (in this case Pynksters), and process it using data science to extract valuable insights. This forms the basis of our predictive capabilities. We call this Wisdom IN Crowds (TM), a significant improvement over traditional, simple Wisdom OF Crowds techniques to predicting the future. Please learn more at Pynk Community.

Which company owns Pynk?

Pynk's parent company is called Crowdsense Ltd, Company number 11339494. Registered in the United Kingdom.

Contact Us

How can I report a bug?

If you are having troubles using the app or have found a bug, get in touch at

How do I contact team Pynk?

If you're having issues or just have a question then you can get in touch directly with us at Our amazing community is also a great source of information and a great way to stay in touch with Pynksters from all around the world. You can join our community here

How can I write to Pynk?

Easy peasy! Just send us an email to Prefer it old school? our postal address is: Hello Pynk, Crowdsense Ltd, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU


I'm not receiving Pynk Emails

Once you have signed up via the beta app, you should receive an email to confirm your email address. Sometimes this type of email goes into your spam folder, so you may want to check there and add Pynk to your whitelist (you can mark the email as 'not junk'/ 'not spam' whilst you are there to avoid this happening in the future). Still, having issues? You can contact us at

I keep missing notifications from Pynk

You probably do not have notifications allowed on your Android, Desktop or Apple device. Although the instructions for doing this varies by device, you can normally fix the issue by going to Settings and looking for Apps and Notifications.


What is co-creation?

Pynk is built by everyday people for everyday investors, that's why we ask our Crowd to help us build a platform that works for everyone, regardless of class, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any other factor. Pynk is for everyone and it is only with your help that we can make that dream come true. We ask our Pynksters to beta test, discuss and improve our product at every step of the journey. Because what makes us happy? Our amazing crowd being happy - that's what! 💝 It can take many forms, including social media sharing, feeding back and offering insights into upcoming products and events here at Pynk or blogging about and promoting Pynk elsewhere. So for those hard-working Pynksters who want to go above and beyond the day to day predicting - you can sign up for co-creation direct from the Pynk app.

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