Pynk Predictions

How, when and how often should I predict?

Thanks for choosing Pynk! Herein lies the easy steps you'll need to follow to start making your daily predictions. Read on...

Remember: Bitcoin is a 24hr prediction. In other words - predict that day for 6pm (UK time) the following day. All other assets are a 1 week prediction. In other words, predict what the price will be at 6 pm (UK time) in 7 days.


That parts the easy bit! just log into your Pynk app, select which asset you'd like to predict on: Gold, Nasdaq, Bitcoin, USD/EURO or FTSE 100, and enter your price prediction. You'll also be asked to predict what you think the crowd's prediction might be, for that same asset.


Whenever you like! predictions close at 6 pm (UK time) every day so you can predict any time before that. Once you've predicted on each asset, you won't be able to predict again until after the contest closes. Markets for all assets (except Bitcoin) are closed at the weekend, so you do not have to predict. Bitcoin is open 7 days per week.

How often?

As often as you can! remember, the more you predict, the more Wisdom Points (WPs) you will earn. Meaning at the end of each quarter, when the WP exchange happens, you stand to earn more. You need to complete a minimum of 1 prediction per week to gain access to fee-free investing.

A few notes if you are just starting out:

- It might take some time to get used to how each asset moves, so don't get disheartened if your predictions seem a little off, to begin with. Learning through doing, you will find you improve over time.

- Our most active predictors (and the highest-earning🤑 ) find that setting an alarm on a watch or mobile phone helps them to remember to predict.

- Complete the weekly forecast questions for a weekly WP boost 📈