There's no 'I' in Pynk for good reason

By working together - our global userbase are powering a system with the aim of predicting future outcomes, while capturing the preferences of the Crowd.

Our users learn how to become better predictors and forecasters with time and earn prizes as they do so.

Tech for Good

We’re 'techies’ at heart, but all too often we see technology misappropriated to service the privileged few. Where some technology companies are trying to make humans obsolete, we believe technology should be designed to serve the masses.

We celebrate inclusion and diversity

Crowd Wisdom works thanks to diversity of opinions and information. Pynksters are from different walks of life and all are welcome. After all, we are all Pynk on the inside.

Passionate with a capital P

Team Pynk is made up of highly passionate and like-minded individuals, who trust in innovation to make the world a better place. We are based in London but our extended team work remotely from all corners of planet earth, and some from outer space.

A community which affects real change

On subjects like sustainability, ethics and more. Our carefully curated insights, from our truly global community, offers real insights to real businesses to affect change for good.

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